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Meet Caitlyn & Ian


Growing up in Western NY, we learned the art of a well prepared spread of food. After we moved South, the heartiness of northern smorgasbords didn’t fuse well with the warm coastal winds, and long sunny days in Charleston, South Carolina. Cheesy dips and warm chilis transformed into soft brie and candied pecans – Classy Cheese Chic was born. While a few frigid days in February might require the warmth of our favorite childhood foods, we are happy to have put that all behind us to enjoy the simple charm and historical enchantment my new home in Charleston has to offer.

We have always been passionate about entertaining. Cheese and charcuterie boards are a great way to take your wine night or family gathering to the next level. To us there is no better sight than a spread of prosciutto, salami, manchego, triple creamed bries, and a heaping of blackberries. Growing up, our parents always instilled in us the importance of quality foods and thoughtful preparation, all of which is rooted in how we curate our boxes and platters.

At Classy Cheese Chic we only use high-quality, artisan ingredients that vary seasonally and are sourced locally right here in South Carolina. Each board reflects our commitment to providing the freshest elements, the way they’re supposed to be enjoyed. Whether you’re taking a small box to your best friend’s home, having a beach picnic, or need a full grazing island of cheese for a party, we can accommodate your every need without compromising quality. Our dream is to help you stage the perfect gathering that allows you to create lasting memories with those you love.